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Welcome to the Hong Kong Law Blog. This is a blog operated by the teaching team of the undergraduate Business Law course offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics, the University of Hong Kong (“HKU”).

Being a compulsory course for various Bachelor of Business Administration (“BBA”) programmes, this is probably the first point of contact for undergraduate students to learn the fundamentals and general principles of the law. Although we can only offer limited substantial legal knowledge to students within a 13-week semester, we hope this blog can:-

  1. encourage students to express their reasoned opinion confidently by publishing blog posts in their names;
  2. facilitate rational exchanges of ideas among students and members of the public by commenting on students’ blog posts;
  3. allow students to discover how the law interacts with individuals, private and public organisations; and
  4. promote students’ awareness of the legal environment, even though they are not trained to be legal professionals.

While the course teaching team will give its best endeavour to provide guidance for students in their research before publishing the blog posts, it cannot guarantee blog posts written by our students contain timely and accurate legal information. Readers are reminded that they should consult their lawyers for their legal problems and shall NOT treat any of our blog posts as professional legal advice.

Apart from this blog operated by the HKU Faculty of Business and Economics, there are several useful websites operated by HKU Faculty of Law. If you are looking for preliminary references on selected topics about the Hong Kong law, you may visit the Community Legal Information Centre (“CLIC”).  If you wish to know more about the research activities of the Faculty of Law, please visit theHKU Legal Scholarship Blog.

Should you have any suggestions or comments on the administration of the Hong Kong Law Blog, please feel free to send an email to yeungjck@hku.hk.

Jacky C.K. Yeung
Blog Administrator
Teaching Assistant in Accounting/Law
Faculty of Business and Economics
The University of Hong Kong